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Latvijas Kinologiska Federacija was founded in 1974 as the Society of Riga City Dog Breeders. In 1993 it was reregistered as Latvijas Kinologiska Federacija (LKF). LKF is the biggest dog breeders organization in Latvian Republic, it unites 36 Dog fanciers clubs, it has 155 breeds registered in our Studbook. LKF represents cynology of Latvia in FCI. It became the federate member of FCI in 2005, has partnership relations with American Kennel Club. We offer to our members pure-bred dog breeding, organization of Shows, trials, competitions, dog training programs, different courses. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN US AND OTHER CLUBS Only the pedigrees issued by Latvijas Kinologiska Federacija are acknowledged by more than 80 countries in the world. Latvijas Kinologiska Federacija is the only dog breeders organization in Latvia who demands obligatory health control - hip dysplasia and eye disea